My style of Photography

The woman with the camera. I have to say this stems from my dad, he gave me a long term borrow on a Nikon to trial and hey presto the love affair sparked. He’s a photographer you see and he just so happens to have a very good eye for the finer details behind the lens. Our styles are completely different but that’s what makes photography so unique.

I started early 2018 shooting some family shots and the occasional close up of anything that caught my eye. Mainly my daughter because I could photograph her all day. I like shots that aren’t necessarily staged when it comes to people, capturing the fleeting moments that are shared amongst one another is exactly the style I go for. Those moments when in that time a thousand words can pass between each other and life itself can stand still. Those kind of moments, that to me is photography. That to me is art and creativity.

I use 2 cameras, for my close up dainty work I use the Nikon 1.8mm and for shooting at a distance with just a point and shoot I use a Fujifilm compact. Both of these do exactly what I wanted when I first set out on my photography journey but now that I am getting a bit more into it I might try a few adaptations here and there.

My thoughts drifted the other day when I started to write about photography and do you know the funny thing about it for me is that I can’t seem to look at anything fascinating or curious without forming a picture. My mind is constantly whirling like a camera reel itself at times and sometimes I really have to focus hard and put it away to be in the moment. But its everyday beauty that I really do like to capture, a lot of what people might see as the ordinary but I see the extraordinary.


The thing that has stuck me most over the last year is how much I have grown to love and adore using the camera, for me it’s an outlet of creativity. I like to piece together different elements for that perfect shot and believe you me there is quite a bit of work that goes into it. From interior styling to family shots and my Instagram feed, it’s not just a quick upload point and shoot there is a lot more care and attention to detail that goes into them. But that’s what I love the most, you might just see the finished article and think “That’s pretty” but for me what I love most about it is the work I put into the creation, the end result is nice but it’s the journey that I go on to get it that inspires me the most. It’s the story behind that picture you cannot see, that to me is the spark that ignites my passion in photography. 

Fall picture


Here are some of my images I have created over the course of this year, there are many from the finer flower details to the capturing fleeting moments that I talk about. As you can see I have a vast array of things that inspire me. The world itself does as there are so many beautiful things in it, it would be rude not to document them along the way!……………

And here’s me just popping out at the end there’s something about this picture that I like, just me staring at my camera. Boy if that piece of equipment could talk……!


2 thoughts on “My style of Photography

  1. I adore your style of photography and I love the way you describe it here!! It’s so true that the end result is just a tiny fraction of what goes into it. For me I love photography that makes you feel something, and yours always make me feel calm and happy! Well done lovely xxx


    1. Thanks Bianca what a lovely thing to say. It is so true there is a lot that goes in behind the lens and I try to shoot what I feel and that goes far beyond the quick shot. I also like the way photography makes you feel, spoken like a True pro there lady!! Pamela xx

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