Styling Transformation……

I just thought I’d pop some interior inspo on the blog on some of the rooms and styles I have created over the years. I put a story in my Instagram (@pamelamayloves) the other week on some of my interior styling and I had some lovely responses and some inspiring messages from a lot of likeminded women.

The thing I love most about interior styling/design is that the sky really is the limit. There is no right or wrong when it comes to styling and a lot of it stems from personal likes and dislikes along with the trial and error of combining new and old pieces to create a unique look.

A saying I truly love is “one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure” and its so true. I found myself quoting this the other week to one of my good friends when I went to her house. She is in the middle of a huge renovation project and we got talking about her plans and she proceeded to tell me about all the things she was removing and changing. I immediately butted in with ‘if you are throwing that out keep it for me please’. To which her response was ‘why on earth would you want that?’, mine went along the lines of ‘wait and see and remember one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure’. To be honest this particular friend knows me very well and knows that I will be able to turn that said piece of furniture into something unique. We both laughed but the essence of me telling you this is just really to iterate that there is beauty all around us even if sometimes we don’t feel like there is and sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction.

The right direction for me happened a few years ago when I started to embrace my inner creativeness by trying different looks and styles starting with the rooms in my four walls.

So to add some clarity to my sense of flair and passion around styling I thought I would display some of the different looks and styles I have going on in my own home.


My daughters bedroom, I absolutely adored doing this. I created the whole design from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with the finished result. I wanted to create a space inspiring, unique, playful and colourful all of which I think a child’s room should be.

Room 9

This room here happened to be the original nursery design but since my little one is now a toddler, I thought I would change it as she outgrows all the baby designs (slight tweaking of the heart strings there as I long for those snuggly baby cuddles). They sure don’t stay little for long!


This is the hallway and I cannot believe looking back at the pictures that it is the same hall. It’s incredible how much of a change this has went through. It use to have a really old flowery carpet, you will see that on my last blog piece on transformations. I kept a piece of the carpet for sentimental reasons of course!


This is the master bedroom, I wanted to create a space here that is chilled and relaxing and a space that I could unwind after a days work. I like the combination of colours, not too girly but tranquil enough with a hint of warmth to bring the room together with muted tones of blush, grey and white. I still need to style the artwork here but it’s all work in progress and as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day!


This room use to be the nursery but I fancied a change. I wanted to create a space we could enjoy reading, working and relaxing in. A space that could be multifunctional but also a space we could escape and close the door and be peaceful in. That’s the aim of this room. The sofa is actually a sofa bed bought from @Madeuk and it is wonderful. The rug is from @laredoute_uk and the rest of the furniture I picked up from some local charity shops to piece together. I love the striking colours of the oak and the dark wall. It really was a joy brining this together.

I have some more styling to show but I thought for now it would be nice to show some of my different styles, tones and room styles that I have managed to create within my home. Its a true labour of love and one which I have a huge amount of passion for. I think it’s always been in me I just needed to take a few twists and turns on that road to realise it. I suppose that’s part of life really, a lot of lessons learned along the way but if you find a passion hone in on it, goodness knows where it can take you!

Thats the thing about goals, it doesn’t matter how small or big the project is, if you do it with purpose, determination and grit you will succeed. Most of the time I know exactly what I want to create in my head much to the point of when it comes to that end goal I am a little ‘blazey’ about it because I have seen that vision a thousand times over in my head. A bit like all the photography I am showing here. I enjoy the process more than the finished result and there are a lot of elements I can take from interior styling to apply in business. Perhaps that’s another topic to be continued but for now I hope you enjoyed my little transformation update.

Pamela May


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