My summer style…..

So holidays are looming and as I adore fashion I thought I would piece together some of my must have fashion essentials, taking you from day to evening. My saviour really as I like items that can be used for multiple outings.

The day edit is a mix of two playsuits and a grey dress. I teamed the striped playsuit with a Zara headband, sunglasses and red Saltwater sandals. Perfect for the beach! As is the other two, the grey day dress is just a simple Minimalist dress from H&M and this is teamed with my white saltwater sandals (The best and comfiest by far). The other day dress is just a simple denim one from GAP, again with saltwater and my favourite bag of all time for holidays the Longchamp, I don’t go abroad without one! I know the straw pom-poms bags are all the rage the now but I adore my Lonchamp, its foldable , practical and stylish (whats not to like about that?!).

Some of my other favourites are dresses that can be quite versatile in the way you wear them, sometimes with a t-shirt underneath and if it gets too hot at least you can take it off!!…….



The blue dress is from Primark, sandals form Marks and Spencer collection and clutch is Ralph Lauren. The burnt orange dress is from Zara, belt H&M along with the hat and the wedges are black Tom wedges that I bought a few season ago, super comfy and can be dressed up or dressed down. Either of these outfits take me from day to evening quite easily.

I dont tend to wear big heels on holiday as it can be difficult when running around after a toddler so I tend to have a few key timeless classics that I wear when dining in the evening or going out for a stroll. Heres of my favourites so far……

8FA9F3B0-A2E5-4129-BD17-2E99F09CDC55The boho dress from Topshop, it’s 100% silk, I bought it 6years ago as part of the Kate Moss collection, its timeless and it has been on every single holiday with me, reaching as far as Thailand and Brazil. Here I have teamed it with a Zara headband, Michael Kors sandals and a Ralph Lauren clutch. Simple easy to wear and with a bit of attitude.

More to take me from day to evening….


I really like the easiness of this outfit, the skirt is from H&M, vest Topshop, Cami from New Look, sandals Michael Kors and crossover is from Coach. Its simple, comfortable and probably one of my favourite easy outfits to date.

Another easy day/evening dress…..


This ones from Vila it was bought about 5 years ago and I still reach for it every summer, dresses like this never really go out of fashion for me. Yes fashion comes and goes but classics can be worn and mixed and matched. I like it with a chunky cardigan and heels too but for running around I like it with my flats.

Statement red dress….


I love this dress, I bought it last year from Topshop and I liked it that much that I bought it in light blue and dark navy for work. Its super easy, elegant sleeves, not too much detail and speaks for itself really. Here I have teamed it with Marks & Spencer slides and my H&M hat. Perfect for dinner or for an afternoon cocktail.

The dressed but not too dressed look…..


I did wonder if this skirt was too short for me but then I remembered that I am only in m 30’s I have legs and if I want to get them out now and again then why not. But one rule only, if you have legs out you have the top half covered and vice verse. My mum always said that and its something I remember. So here I have teamed this Matalan skirt with a Topshop shirt, Marks & Spencer shoes and my ralph clutch.

So that’s all my summer dresses sorted and just for a quick re-cap these are my favourites…..

All of the outfits are from high street stores, some costing more than others. The most expensive item is the Coach bag and that can be found in the link followed by the Kate Moss dress, Ralph Lauren Clutch and Longchamp. But as you can see I have had all these items for a while and they do last if you look after them.

High street fashion has its place and I love it. I hope you like my style, this is a little bit different for me as I usually blog about interior design but I love fashion and this blog is all about my loves so I just thought why not. Blogging is all about enjoying having a creative space, somewhere to express your passions and hobbies and although this is a little out the comfort zone in terms of being in front of the camera its good to do something different now and again. And in all honesty I had fun doing it!

Nothing great ever comes from the comfort zone, I keep telling myself that on a daily basis in the office. But for now this is me dipping my toe into the world of fashion blogging. When I say dipping my toe I really just mean faffing with dresses, a camera and lipstick, a bit like reminiscing my childhood years. The best ones, spent experimenting with lots of different fashions, just don’t mention the shellsuits and fringes!

Love as always



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