The Kitchen…..when 2 become 1

I’ve decided to do a little piece on the kitchen. I get a few comments on my insta about the light and the space that I thought I would do a little before and after so that you can visualise what it was like before.

I was actually pregnant at the time and the upheaval of it was very difficult. We seemed to live in permanent dust, mess and a combination of washing dishes in the bath and popping microwave meals made it difficult for someone like me that likes things tidy and also likes to cook.

Anyway that aside at some point in my pregnancy we decided that wall needs to come down, it would be better to have an open plan kitchen when the baby arrives; and hey presto it was just as easy as that – not!

Here is a picture of the kitchen and a small glimpse before the work got started.

As you can see it was quite a decent sized wall but we got the right planning permission and our builder (which happens to be my uncle) was fab. He made sure we had all the right plans in place before starting to knock down the wall, add a beam and pitch it. Here is some photos of that mess……..and boy wasn’t it just!

Its amazing how much taking a wall down could completely transform a space. I remember the feeling when I stepped through the door from work and I saw it for the first time. For someone like me (a visionary) I was excited to see that the picture in my head was coming alive. Still it was work in progress but progress was being made and as my mum says “you can’t make an omelette without cracking an egg Pamela”. So in other words the mess had to happen!

From there things started to spiral quite fast and it was a case of the kitchen being delivered and installed. In the end we went with Wren and they were really good, we spent a lot of time deciding on colours and the look and feel. That’s why we decided to go for no wall units. In hindsight now I would perhaps add some wall units (much to my dads amusement) as I remember him saying at the time I was a tad hasty on the minimal look but I do love the open space that it has given us. It’s really transformed our living especially since having Annabel (and yes I had a baby girl).

The look we were aiming to create here was a space where the family could enjoy, it was a kitchen come living space, somewhere that we could congregate, laugh, have long dinners and look out into the garden (very much work in progress but bare with me), so with this in mind we decided to get rid of the old windows, they couldn’t be restored and we wanted to be able to step out into the garden so that’s why we put in large patio doors.

Here is a photo of the work that went on when the windows were removed and the patio doors installed. It was messy work and at the time it was winter, cold and I had really just had enough. Anyone doing work like this will know how that feels. Times that with a pregnant hormonal woman and yes it was certainly fun times for the hubster.

After the units, worktops, tiles and white goods were chosen it was time for me to prepare to ask Mr R for the SMEG fridge. Now this is a man that is sensible with money, practical even and likes to know he is getting a good return on his investment. So I approached with caution but in the end blurted out with big puppy eyes “James this is more than a fridge, its like a piece of furniture, a statement and it would stand proud there”, well you could imagine his response when I told him that. But like all good things in life if you have enough passion and conviction for something then see it through so needless to say James agreed and actually likes it! – double bonus. It was either that or he didn’t want to mess with a pregnant hormonal woman.

Here is my little pride and joy……and me popping out to say hello 💁🏻‍♀️


The next whammy was the Range, how do I tell him I would like another statement piece was my dilemma but actually because we both enjoy cooking it wasn’t as much of a debate as the fridge feezer had been. In the end we went for a Bertazoni Range, its Italian and its really good, I only have good things to say about this piece of equipment. It’s reliable, stylish, functional and does a really good job.

Next it was all about adding in the finishing touches such as the flooring, radiators, lightning and the paint. All the things we enjoyed seeing happen as we knew the end was in sight, and then we just needed to add the table and chairs which had been upcycled as well as the welsh dresser for the room to come alive.

It’s funny because I talk about visionary and futuristic a lot but for me what this actually means is that the excitement is more about seeing the vision come alive right in front of me because up here in my head I have seen it like that for months and that’s what keeps me going on a project. Knowing that I will get to the end, see it alive and know that its aligned with the same picture I have been dreaming about. This is very akin to my working life but that is another subject.

Finally that picture in my head I had been focusing on was actually out of it, alive in front of me and that’s the moment when I stood in that kitchen with my husband at 7 months pregnant and thought yes all that hard work was worth it after all.


And a few months after that our little baby girl arrived and then another amazing journey started………that ones called motherhood and I’ll leave it there to be continued.

Love as always



Here is some of the links to all the places I have sourced materials from

Wren Kitchen

John Lewis Smeg

Bertazoni Range


Oak Flooring

Oak worktop

Cast Iron shelf brackets

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