The Dressing Table……

I spied this piece of furniture a mile a way and I knew instantly that I could turn it into a mini project for me. It was the legs that sold it, it just stood there demanding attention and I pretty much knew I had to buy it there and then. It cost me £25

Here it is in all its pre glory…..

After going through a few ideas in my head I thought I would sand the top and expose the wood to make a nice contrast with the floor but after doing a bit of this I discovered it wasn’t the right wood. Turns out it was MDF on the top made to look like grained wood with stain. So in the end I had to rethink my look.

I decided to paint it, not dissimilar to other projects I have done. I opted for Farrow and Ball paint, the top colour is Calamine and the legs are Downpipe. I love the contrast of Pink and Grey and I absolutely adore Downpipe its a fabulous colour that can look so striking in the right place. The legs definitely needed this and I already had some left in the garage from another project. So it was really meant to be!

I started with a primer, sometimes I use a primer and sometimes I don’t it really depends on the woodwork and the type of paint you use and of course what you are using the piece of furniture for. I gave this a once over, if you use the fast drying paint from B&M its really good and it gives a good base coat at a fraction of the price of some other primers. It was around £6.

Once the primer set I started on the colours and as soon as I started to paint I knew it would work in the room. I didn’t want a table which was going to dominate the space, I wanted it to look like it had always been there. I also didn’t want to hide the  little radiator, I just wanted to add different dimension to enhance what was already there and create something for me along the way.

So after a few weeks work fitting this in on the evenings when my little one was asleep I transformed this table into a dressing table. I added some extra touches to give it some added love and then it was ready for use.

Here she is in all her glory, my wee mini “me” project…..


I added a mirror, some dried hydrangeas that I took from our garden after summer and believe it or not these are in an old Rum bottle that I wouldn’t let my husband throw out because I loved it so much! (See it doesn’t have to be expensive) coupled with a little grey flower vase which I have used to hold some make-up brushes and beside that I have my perfumes. At the side of the table is my plastic tub rocking chair which was actually in my little girls room but I moved it into this room because I liked it so much and at the other side is my new plant in a basket. We will see how long the plant lasts, let’s hope it lasts longer than the poor Ivy in the kitchen!

Here is some more little pictures of the outcome….

And that’s it the £25 transformation (excluding paint costs but I already had both these colours in the garage so I only spent £6 extra on primer). This is the cost of doing up the table it doesn’t include the cost of the added accessories like the mirror and the grey pot.

All in all I’m pretty chuffed with it, it was something for me, something that I set out to transform and enjoy along the way. You can’t buy experiences like that and that’s what I love about furniture and interior design, everything has its own wee story very much akin to life in general. What’s that saying “making a house a home” yes that’s it !

So I hope I’ve brought some cheer to your day and you like my work, as I said before it doesn’t have to be expensive because after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder ♡.

Links for paint and accessories

Farrow & Ball Downpipe
Farrow & Ball Calamine

Love as always

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