My Upcycling Journey…..

I was thinking about this topic the other day and its a subject I could write a lot on as I have been known to upcycle quite a bit over the years. One of my biggest projects to date was undoubtedly my kitchen furniture which consisted of a Welsh dresser and a country table and chairs set. I’ll start with the dresser, here it is in all its glory before being transformed…..



I bought it at least 4 years ago and I hummed and hawed (a good old Scottish saying there!) back and forth on the whole will I paint or wont I paint subject before taking the plunge and deciding to go for it. What the heck I thought, might as well give this a try and see if it works out! (In my head it did at the time and I already knew what it would look like before I undertook it – no surprise there for a visionary woman I hear you say).

So first things first the paint, I did a bit research on furniture paint as I wanted something that would last. Having used General Finishes in the past for smaller pieces (its an American brand) I knew I would be in safe hands giving it a go. I settled on the colour Linen as it had a nice warm tone to it and as this piece lives in a south facing room in direct sunlight it needed to be apart of the room and not dominate it and this colour did just that.


First of all I needed to sand off the varnish on the areas I wanted to leave as exposed wood because the colour was just wrong and it wouldn’t have done it justice leaving it as it was. This was pretty time consuming but I am a bit of a dab hand at using a heat gun and a scraper, the base was easy as it was just a straight line but the fiddly bits on the dresser where the drawers slot in required a lot of patience (something which admittedly isn’t my strong point). Anyway it turned out well as you can see below….

Then it was just a case of getting started on the paint, this is what I used –

After that I replaced all the handles with the help of my good husband and finished it with a top coat of clear satin (again GF paint) to seal the paint and voila here she is in all her glory –



A piece of furniture I am proud to have brought back to life. Like I said before its the transformation that I adore, I love taking something and making it look better. It did take a while but in the end I was so glad I painted it and yes it will require another coat or so in the near future but buying something like this outright these days costs thousands and let me tell you this, this little number was a mere fraction of that!

I hope you like it, here’s some other bits and pieces I did at the same time as my project kitchen took place…..

A telephone table above, it was old and battered, I made a seat and upholstered it in grey fabric, that is the extent of my upholstering (for now anyway) and painted it in white general finishes paint.

I mentioned the kitchen table and chairs also required the same treatment as the Welsh dresser. They were painstakingly sanded and painted, here they are mid transformation and the end result…..

I like the miss match look and the Welsh dresser just lives to the left of this picture.


I hope you like the bits and pieces I have upcycled. I look at it more of putting the love back into to what was once bland boring furniture! Anyway like I said I could talk about this subject forever. So ill go just now as I ponder my next upcycling project, its an old fashioned Talboy, has all the original keys in it and its on wheels, its for my little girls bedroom, I think it will be painted some form of pink or perhaps Hague blue who knows but for now that’s me on my upcycling journey thus far!

Until my next post that is….

Pamela xxx

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