The Journey….

Interior design isn’t something that I set out to be passionate about. I have always been a creative person right the way through school, I remember enjoying art, colouring outside the lines and pushing the boundaries of “but why” and I am still like that today even in my current career. I have this goal inside me that strives for the next thing, whether that be a project I am working on at home or a project at work I like to see things through to completion and move onto the next challenge. Some would say I bore easily but that’s only because I am a visionary futuristic person who needs to be challenged and most of the time I have things arealdy planned out in my head before coming to life.

My husband and I first bought our house 10 years ago and we were in our early 20’s, young and slightly naive and still learning! We did some crazy colours of dark purples and had some odd combinations of dark furniture but then we quickly realised that a house needs to flow in order for it to work and this is when our journey really started. I researched other homes, I bought second hand furniture and started doing things my way, very much akin to how I see the world. If you dont like it do something about it!

So by now you have probably guessed that I am a passionate person and I could write forever but in order to bring some clarity to what I am saying here’s some before and after pictures of the hallway, it was a nice project…….

B E F O R E That carpet ! (I kept a piece for sentimental reasons of course) and we still have that clock but it may go soon.
A F T E R – When the carpet was lifted the floorboards were lovely, they just needed brought to life.
The walls are Farrow and Ball Strong White. We installed new radiators in keeping with the house, we have 2 more left to replace. The doors are an interesting topic, I say paint, Mr R isn’t convinced. We shall see……

I’ll do more pieces on the actual transformation in another blog, I have one for the kitchen it was such an upheaval and I was pregnant at the time, it was winter and christmas was fast approaching. That was an interesting time and we learned a lot of what not to do.

Thats the thing about interior design, whatever your style or taste is its a jounrey and everyone has their own unique style and taste. For me I think I have come full circle and I am now leaning on the side of less is more……to be continued.

Oh and this is me, the woman behind the camera, you might not see me in front of it too often but its nice to put a face to a page…..and if you want to find out more about me and my wee tribe, check out my instagram over @pamelamayloves


But for now that’s my first little piece entering the world of blogging.



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