About me

First of all I just want to say “hi” this is me, Pamela and I pretty much love anything interior related which requires a bit of vision and creativity. I’m pretty much a visionary woman who often ponders a lot about the future but I don’t leave it up to fate. I started becoming more interested in interior design about 10years ago and from there that interest quickly ignited into a desire to learn and do more.

My blog is a little creative outlet for me in this busy world. I wanted to create a space of interest from all things interior related to hints and tips and fashion. That’s when Pamela May Loves started as an idea and quickly formed into reality. Very much akin to the transformation in design that I am passionate about today.

Along with interior design and fashion I became interested in photography. Trying to creating unique images with a bit of an edge and I very much enjoy capturing fleeting moments with my trusty Nikon. What I love most about it is the fact that photography is all in the eye of the beholder and I simply fell in love with being able to capture images which tell a thousand words. For me it all adds to the life journey and I try to document as much of it as I can through a lens.

If you have a creative desire for interiors and fashion like I do then I hope you like the little pieces I have started to write on my blog. Even if you just love the photography and find it inspiring then at least I will have brought some cheer to your day.